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BookAccents Technical Specifications


Please see Software and Data Restrictions



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Single User Version


Multi-User Version



This monthly fee includes Basic BookAccents Software, ISBN Subscription, email support and continuing product enhancements.  We will also provide a reasonable amount of telephone support to assist in the installation of the your software.  


Upon contacting us and setting up your account, you will receive our latest Installable CD via UPS or USPS.  Generally, this CD does not contain the latest version of BookAccents.  The latest version run time programs will be emailed to you once you have installed the basic software.


This monthly price includes your ISBN subscription, on-going program enhancements to the basic software, and free on-going email support.  You are also eligible for a reasonable amount of general bookseller business consultation.  Support beyond this, as well as on site consultation is available on a time and materials basis.


You are invited to visit our facility in Rock Hill, SC at any time to see how we use BookAccents in our store, or for free informal training.


These prices are subject to change at any time.  However, your monthly fees are guaranteed price protected for two (2) years from your initial installation date.





Please do not be confused or concerned.  BookAccents is a Software Product of CRT Systems, Inc.  CRT Systems is a software development and consulting company that has constantly involved in the computer hardware and software business since 1978.  CRT Systems also fully owns and operates The BOOKRACK of Rock Hill, South Carolina, a brick and mortar 7,200 sq. ft. new and used bookstore.  We also hold a very dominant selling position on, Amazon, as well as other Internet sites.


The two entities are co-located at 742 N. Anderson Road.  When you call us, we MAY answer the phone as either CRT Systems, or the BOOKRACK, depending upon the number you dial.




BookAccents Optional Software Pricing








Hand Held Scanner Software

(Portable Palm Scanner Device used to perform inventory functions)






Optional Amazon Upload Software

This software provides a quick and easy method of loading your Amazon Bookstore from the data contained in your BookAccents Database.  Additionally, our Email Parsing software is included








There is no long-term commitment.  You may terminate your rental at any time, for any reason.


See if you qualify for 60 day evaluation.


 2Q07 Update Pole Display


After having used BookAccents since 2001, I can report that the optional Pole Display is, indeed a very useful option.   Out customers love it.  They watch as their purchases are rung up.  The most important feature is that the total of the sale is displayed.  The customer can easily see the amount to enter on their check, the cashier can easily see the amount to charge on our credit card machine.  The correctness of the transaction are easily checked.


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Optional Hardware Available Directly from Us


In today's market, we realize that you can obtain rock-bottom pricing on items by finding them and ordering from the Internet.  We therefore offer two pricing options:

  1. In the box is just like you would buy them on the internet.  We buy them for a distributor, and ship them to you, unopened.  It is your responsibility to get the items fully operational with your computer and operating system.  Once they are fully operational, we will be happy to help with any difficulties in making them work with BookAccents.

    • Should you require installation support on items purchased "in the box" you will be charged either a support charge, or you may elect to upgrade to the "with support:" price.  In any event support will not be provided free of charge.

  2. With support means that these prices include installation assistance and on-going support.


Should you wish to purchase your hardware from a third party, please insist that they provide sufficient support to meet the most basic requirements listed below.  Alternatively you can schedule (Billable) installation assistance from one of our support specialists on third-party purchased items.  

"There are hundreds different ways to install the items, but only one or two ways to do so correctly."

We do not sell PCs and/or laser/ink jet printers.  We do, however offer the optional service of sending us your PC and peripheral hardware devices. We will load BookAccents and configure all of your hardware on a time and materials basis.  You, of course, are responsible for all shipping charges.


The hardware is considered properly installed  when you can print on a 3" x 1" Label using the Generic Zebra Driver found on the Internet (do not load the printer driver software from the CD provided with the Zebra Printer, it will not work with BookAccents), and you can scan the inside cover of a mass-market paperback, obtaining the correct results.  In the case of an electronic cash drawer, or pole display they correctly operate with the test software provided by the manufacturer.



In The Box

 With Support

Bar-Code Scanner USB Interface



Zebra TLP2844 Label Printer USB



Electronic Cash Drawer USB Interface  CR3003





Under Counter Mount for Cash Drawer



Single Sided Pole Display USB

See Pole Display Features





Double Sided Pole Display



SPT1550 Hand Held Scanner

Optional BookAccents Software Required





SPT1550 Cradle Serial Interface (minimum one required for scanner interface)

Optional BookAccents Software Required











Labels and ribbons are a "matched set".  The heat that the printer head produces is variable, and the ribbon and label need to be compatible.  You need for your label types and ribbon types to match.  All of our Labels Require the Ribbons that are  Sold Below.  Stock up for discount pricing!!


Media Available from Us


Easy-Peel Label  



Sticky Label  (for Shelves & Boxes)



Ribbons. (order 3 Labels, 2 Ribbons)



10% Discount on 24 Labels,16 Ribbons



You are free, of course, to buy labels and ribbons from any source you choose.  We recommend the "thermal transfer" method of printing, as they will last for decades.  The direct printing type have a very limited shelf (pardon the pun) life, and we do not sell this type of label.


Don't be surprised to find that the supplier of the labels will want you to pay a one time setup fee in order to produce and supply these labels.


All sales of labels and ribbons are final.




Additionally, an HP4200 Series or 100% compatible Laser Printer is required.


Contact us:


Please call CRT Systems at (800) 826-7740, and we will be happy to help!