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We hope that you find the information contained in this Web Site useful.  It is maintained to not only present our BookAccents Software but to also help you become successful in the book business.  We are willing to freely share the information that we have acquired in our journey of opening and operation a successful bookstore.


The BookAccents Web Site consists of hundreds of individual pages which are arranged in a multitude of ways.   If you feel as though you are in the wrong area, the entirety of the site can be viewed at:







If you use a PopUp Blocking program with your Internet connection you may need to configure it to allow PopUps from this site.




The Navigation for this Web Site may be quite different from any other you may have used before.  It was created with a very powerful Web Authoring tool called RoboHelp.  Don't worry, it is simple to use, yet quite powerful.  When you become a BookAccents user, you will frequently reference the information contained herein.  This Web Site was designed to perform a multitude of functions from pre-sales,  installation information, training, support, to on-going BookAccents user information.  There is a lot here, so take your time and enjoy.


Having a vast amount of information contained in the entirety of this Web Site, we have arranged the pages in many different ways for varying purposes.  Therefore you may see item in the Index or Table of contents  that do not seem to belong with the topic at hand.  


Don't worry about the "extraneous" information that you may see.  Most of it is just along for the ride so that RoboHelp maintains sufficient information about all of the pages allowing the intensive cross-referencing to function properly.... just baggage.






There are just a few buttons you need to learn to become familiar with.  Yes, there is a lot of information here, and there are thousand of page linking combinations.  We suggest that you take your time and surf the web site using the (Table of) Contents Button.  By systematically visiting all of the pages referenced in the TOC, you are sure to glean out all of the site's information.



The Contents Button (Table of Contents) allows a list of our "Topics" in the left frame.  By clicking on these, you may directly view the associated topic.   Using Table of Contents (TOC).  Don't try to figure out the order of items in the TOC, the books were just arranged alphabetically.


The Index Button allows you to view an Extensive list of keywords on this site, just click and go to the appropriate page.


The Search Button allows you to do a complete search of this web site for any word/words you wish.  Just type in the word to search on, and a list of topics containing that word will be displayed.


The Glossary Button open up the glossary in the left window.  Just click on a term in the top frame, and the definition shows in the bottom.



The Arrow Buttons, shown above are the "Browse Sequence" buttons.  We have a predetermined sequence established for viewing the important pages of the BookAccents Site.  You can go to Next and Previous Pages (as defined by us) by clicking these buttons.  Please note that if you have wandered off into screens that are not defined in the browse sequence, these arrows will have little effect.  You must enter a topic that is part of the sequence to continue.



Because of the way some pages displayed, it may only be possible to navigate via the built in Explorer Back Button, found in the upper left corner of your browser's window.  Click "Back".


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You may close the left frame by clicking this button.  This gives you a lot of additional space to view the contents of the site.  To reestablish the left frame, just click the Contents or Index Button.  Closing the left hand window gives you more real estate for viewing, it also provides a better page for hard copy printouts.


To Resize the Left Frame, grab the right frame boarder and stretch it from left to right.



Sometimes a window will occupy your entire monitor viewing space.  In this case, you will see a "show" link in the upper, left corner of the screen.  


Clicking this link reestablishes a normal view.




A shortcut to doing a Site Text Search is to type in the text into the area shown above,  This will act just as though you depressed the Search Button.  When hardware, for example, is entered, the entire web site is searched for all occurrences of "Hardware" and a list of topics containing this key word (including this one) is displayed for you in the left frame.  Peruse through the topics by clicking on their names and view the results or your search..


In the individual help topics, you may see an example as follows, click on the Carolina Blue Down Arrow to view the effects.  


To conserve Real Estate, it is sometimes  convenient to only display text when the user desires to view it.


Click the Arrow Again to make this text disappear.



Just like every other web site, you can click on links to view related information.  Click on Me.


When viewing most BookAccents Screens, there are Popup Windows available to provide additional information. Hot Zones Explained



We have started using this symbol to denote important hints.  Watch for it as you surf our site.


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